I work with adults, children and young people and this often involves with working with issue related to loss, relationships with others and, most often, feelings of low self worth.  Below are some of the issues that can come up in counselling.


Grief may be about the death of someone you love, but it can also be about other losses, such as work, or a relationship. 

Grief can be painful, but for some, the emotions can be overwhelming, and therapy can be helpful to help you process your feelings when your grief feels unrelenting and help you work through any feelings around guilt or regret. 


Therapy can also help children and young people through their grieving process. 


Anxiety can interfere with your relationships, your sleep and eating habits, and it can also impact on work and school.

Anxiety is one of the most common reasons for people seeking therapy.


Effective therapy can find the cause of anxiety and reduce or remove the symptoms of anxiety.


If you are feeling anxious and your thoughts and feel scary or overwhelming, or impacting on your relationships with others, or you are having suicidal thoughts, therapy can be helpful to address the source of the anxiety and to help you understand and untangle the anxiety and to find ways of managing future anxiety. 


I understand that if you are suffering with anxiety you may feel nervous about meeting a therapist or calling them on the phone. I work online which can be helpful to overcome the fear of meeting someone new, or I can work on the telephone with you if that makes accessing therapy easier for you. 


Parenting at any stage of a child’s development can be stressful.  This may show up as worry, depression, irritability, or anger, and may lead to depression or anxiety.  Leaving these issues unresolved is unhealthy for both parent and child and can also impact on the adults’ relationship with one another.  Therapy can help you deal with these issues.


Parents who have mental health or emotional issues may find that becoming a parent increases their feelings of isolation or anxiety and stress. 


Therapy can reduce the symptoms around your condition and provide healthy strategies for coping, allowing you to work towards a good sense of well-being which in turn may help you with your relationship with your children. 

Therapy can be helpful for developing safe ways to deal with your feelings, thoughts and emotions that may only have been triggered on becoming a parent or at particular stages of your child’s growth and development. 


Depression is one of the most common mental health issues for people wanting therapy.

Many people feel relief in being able to talk about their experience of depression and therapy can be helpful in reducing and recovering from the symptoms of depression. 


Therapy can help you create goals such as increasing your feelings of self-worth and strengthening your relationships.   

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